quotes-before Supply and install replacement stone steps and landings on Bridlington harbour. quotes-after

The stone steps leading from the harbour wall down to the shoreline become fully submerged below seawater twice daily as the tides come in. Over the years this has caused the steps to become so badly eroded that they are completely unusable.
Pinnacle were appointed by the Bridlington Harbour Commissioner to remove and replace all stone steps and landings.

This was an interesting task as it involved surveying the daily tide calendar and planning the working day around low tide. We also encountered issues with the bedding and pointing mortars being washed out as the tide rolled back in. Through experimentation we solved this by bedding on a Natural Hydraulic Lime mortar and stainless steel resin anchors, quickly followed up with a pointing mortar containing a traditional Roman Cement. This cement was used in ancient times as by altering the ratios you can control the initial setting time from anything between a few minutes up to an hour. Once cured, the Roman Cement mortar becomes very durable and is able to withstand the incoming tides.

All stones were bedded using a small, remote controlled crane and lifted using various sized vacuum lifters. The landing stones weighed close to a ton and therefore required the use of a large engine driven stone magnet.

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