quotes-before A sympathetic cleaning process is an excellent method of restoring a tired looking building, structure or monument back to its former glory. quotes-after

We use state of the art systems for cleaning the masonry and only appoint proven specialists to carry out the works.

The Thermatech system is ideal for cleaning organic staining from masonry surfaces without any abrasion, reviving even the most intricate of carvings without losing any of the detail. Thermatech can superheat steam to temperatures around 150 degrees at very low pressures resulting in a delicate cleaning process which is approved for use on Heritage projects.

The Jos Vortech system uses a mixture of compressed air with an added abrasive which is then blasted either wet or dry through a specially designed swirling nozzle. This is more abrasive than the Thermatech system but less so than traditional sandblasting. This makes it ideal for heavily soiled buildings whilst still being approved for use on Heritage projects.

For commercial or domestic properties requiring less delicacy we can carry out traditional blasting or dustless wet blasting.

We appreciate the need to protect our surroundings and will always look to contain any waste, water or abrasives produced.

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